Message from President

While shopping at outlet malls and discount websites is popular, RUBYGROUPe has been providing customers with "satisfaction with the great shopping" rather than "satisfaction with buying at the better price."

I believe the lower price is not always the best price. In fact, even if it is the regular price, having a shopping experience with learning the brand's history and background of each item with great customer service makes the customer's satisfaction even higher.

On the other hand, buying the item at the lowest price just because it is a famous brand's item does not create loyal customers, which leads to fewer advantages to both the brand and customers. 

Therefore, we have focused on e-commerce operations. 
In order to avoid e-commerce sites becoming like a catalog, it is necessary to face each customer and offer them great customer support. The operation also makes the customers feel as if they are shopping at the flagship store while learning the values through the customer service when they shop online.

Although we are still at the midway point, we all work together as a whole with the aim of providing offline shopping experiences online in the near future. 
As a Luxury Brand x Technology company, we will keep pursuing to become a company that our clients want to work with together.

Ruby Groupe, Inc.
President Akihiro Saegusa



Company Name :
Ruby Groupe, Inc.
Founded :
January 12th, 2011
President :
Akihiro Saegusa
Outside director:
Toshio Sakai
174,308,750 yen (Capital reserve: 164,308,750 yen)
SMN Corporation
OMB YOYOGIUEHARA, 2-43-10, Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan MAP
+81 03-6451-4008
Main Bank:
Mizuho Bank
Business Details:
Build and manage the e-commerce site for luxury brands, business consultants.
PrivacyMark System(Registration number: 17001663(02) )
106 (including dispatch and outsourcing employee) ※as of June 2021

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